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Chicopee Brook Farm, formerly a horse farm, is home to a small "family" of world winner lines of Jack Russell Terriers and Rubi X ™ Kennel. Sometimes referred to as Shorty or Irish Jacks, our recent litter was hand raised.  We follow the AKC, FCI and UKC standards.  Litters are bred for temperament as well as structure.  We aim to create a new line and improve the breed.  At Chicopee Brook Farm, we breed on a limited basis for show and occasionally have a few puppies available.  Our puppies are farm raised to enjoy the outdoors and to become part of a loving family. 

Balanced temperaments don't just happen. It takes a well-bred, good stock and a loving home. That's where we come in.

Small Home-Based Breeder

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Breeding & Raising purebred JRTs.

Jack Russell Terriers can be known for their tenacious personalities, but we do not emphasize those traits, breeding from the finest champion bloodlines. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our stock, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into puppies at Chicopee Brook Farm. Then, supportive opportunities are provided to help each at Rubi X develop his or her natural skill and ability. They're exposed to very basic training to develop their agility and instinct as well as bonding and companionship.  Sires and Dams are fully health tested and AKC and UKC registered.